Medical Tourism – The New Tourism With A Purpose

The world has truly acquired a global perspective. People from across the world are traveling to another country as if they are traveling to a neighborhood city in their own country to avail of the healthcare facilities. Developed countries like the big Uncle Sam and the UK are no longer the bastions for delivering the best. Counties like India, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, Singapore, Cuba, Columbia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Hungary and even Jordan are on the fast track towards excellence in virtually every field of knowledge, paramount among these being the medical tourism.

With a stout clutch of immaculate and well trained healthcare specialists, expert doctors and impeccable nurses in these erstwhile developing countries, there is no longer the mandatory need to spend precious extra buck on surgeries in countries like the US and the UK. Several complex and super specialized surgeries as that of total hip replacement/resurfacing or total knee/joint replacement can be undertaken for $ 6000-$7000 in India and $13,000 in Thailand. This is in sharp contrast to shelling out $ 45,000 in the USA and $ 48,000 in the UK.

The much sought after surgeries in this sector for which India hold premium position is the cosmetic surgery, gastric bypass, and operations of the urino-genital track and cancer treatments. Besides of course the top on the list being the knee implantation and surgeries for various cardio-vascular disorders and even dentistry. Interestingly many of the out station patients in India and other hot destinations for medical tourism are from the US, UK and other countries from the West considering one fourth the total costs and high medical insurances back home. Pakistanis and Bangladeshis come here for better facilities. What to do at sentosa singapore 

Counties like Cuba, Brazil and Thailand are much in demand for their stress buster beech therapy with galore of spa towns spread here and there. While South Africa is hot destination for plastic surgery, Columbia has the strong hold on varied eye surgeries and organ transplant. Singapore holds the trump card for separating the conjoined twins. Orthopedic and spine related surgeries are also done with much reduced cost inclusive of the recouping facilities. The serene beaches of Kerala have spread the word of Ayurvedic treatment to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit of the tired and fatigued souls. People from across the globe are flocking to Kerala to reap the benefits of head and body massages with aromatic oils mixed with herbs of therapeutic value. It also gives them an opportunity to bask in the sunshine beachside and enjoy the lush green ambiance that the culture and tradition of Kerala stands for century.


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